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HOLLYWOOD – Paramount have confirmed the long-awaited Jaws remake will hit cinemas in summer 2019. “We’ve got a killer script and we’re eager to start


Jaws is considered by many to be a classic, but with the trend of Hollywood remaking many great films, it’s bound to happen with Jaws. Hit the jump to find out who I

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7.5.2016 · After a long time , finally the great white shark back in theaters , this time with great special effects and a great direction of James Cameron . Its

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Jaws remake cast Find industry contacts & talent representation. Access in-development titles not available on IMDb

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27.9.2017 · Jaws 5 : The Return Fan Made Trailer – Here Is a Fan Made Trailer Of Jaws 5th Movie.There Is No Official News About Jaws 5 Movie.

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Jaws (1975) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

“I would never remake Jaws,” he double clarified. Adds the site: Besides, he joked,

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1.4.2017 · Universal has announced the long-awaited of Jaws. Gareth Edwards has been attached to the much-anticipated remake. Made by Legendary, and

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Jaws is a remake of the version directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975. -Directed by guillermo del toro. -Produced by Steven Spilberg -Written by ehren Kruger Cast

It is still safe to go back in the water. I present to you, the cast of the Jaws remake: Chris Pratt as Sheriff Martin Brody: Why he’d get picked:

Jaws is the first film in a motion picture franchise which has so far spanned 4 feature films and a variety of novelizations and other ancillary The cast of JAWS.

THE REMAKE . Director: Fox bought the rights for a Commando reboot five years ago, and it is still yet to be matched with a director and cast. In 2010,

Spielberg Planning Jaws & Back to the Future Remakes? the director wants to remake both his 1975 directorial effort Jaws and 1985’s Back to The Future,

Jaws Remake CONFIRMED FOR 2019 · The Studio Exec. 40 thoughts on “ JAWS REMAKE CONFIRMED FOR 2019 ” David Irthum Jun 23, 2018 at 7:33 pm. Wow,

The rights to Jaws will not be sold,for a remake,who’s ever thinking of a remake of one of the most greatest films of all time,well

Jaws Remake. 670 likes. Information for the remake of the classic film Jaws! Get all the updates pertaining to the Jaws Remake!

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11.3.2014 · Cast and crew. Who would you cast if a Jaws remake was in the works?

If ”Jaws” were to be remade today, who would be cast as Quint, Brody & Hooper? both the original and the remake. As for jaws.

With all the craziness of reboots and remakes in Hollywood we feared this day might come. Universal may be planning a re-make of the 1975 Spielberg classic, Jaws.

Jaws is a splendidly shrewd cinematic equation which not only gives you one or two very nasty turns and Robert Shaw lead the cast and deliver some pretty good


I posted this on the old site but I thought I’d bring it up again. Many classic films and even some not so classic ones have been remade, but so far no one has

Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of Jaws 2 with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at TVGuide.com

A Jaws 3D Remake – No, We’re Not Kidding (Well Hooper is a scientist and if Morgan is cast to play What are your thoughts on a possible Jaws remake in 3D?

Roy Scheider is a sheriff confronting crowds of sunbathers, self-serving local politicians and – most importantly – a monstrous great white shark over the July Fourth

Jaws is an American The cast and crew The source also reported that 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan was considered to portray Matt Hooper in the remake,

Il cast Roy Scheider Jaws è stato trasposto in due videogiochi (Jaws e Jaws Unleashed), , vero e proprio remake dell’originale,

Jaws 5: Resurrection is a 2014 Horror Film and it is the fourth sequel to the 1975 Film ”Jaws”. Cast is Zachary Gordon, Abigail Breslin, Jake Short, Elle

After all he owns those titles and a remake of Jaws is one of those nagging rumors that keep resurfacing. ‘Halo’ Cast, Premiere Dates, Renewals & More At TCA

Aladdin Guy Ritchie is directing a live-action remake of the Disney classic Aladdin. His appointment took a lot of people by surprise. The cast includes Mena Massoud

Finally found it: Josh Brolin/Kyle Chandler/Matthew Fox as Brody Ben foster as Hooper Mel Gibson or Tom Berenger as Quint They hate us &apos

The true meaning of Jaws has been picked over by critics and academics ever since its release in June 1975, without a cast and without a shark”).

But now, we’ve heard rumors that a A Jaws Remake Is Coming This Summer and I Cannot Contain My Excitement! Although the cast hasn’t been finalized,

Jaws is a American adventure horror film loosley based on the 1975 Remake film with the same name. director by Doug Liman and writer by Josh Trank haven been apart of

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